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Essentials of Inspector General Investigations (EIGI)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Jan. 6-16, 2015 Glynco, GA $1,250 EIGI - 1501
Apr. 28 - May 8, 2015 Glynco, GA $1,250 EIGI - 1502
Aug. 4-14, 2015 Glynco, GA $1,250 EIGI - 1503

Who Should Attend: Federal, state/local and military IG personnel who conduct civil and/or administrative investigations, as well as those who support criminal investigations, including general investigators, auditors, attorneys, analysts, evaluators, inspectors, hotline operators, and investigative research specialists. {Criminal investigators (GS-1811s) should attend IG-ITP or TTP instead.}

What You Will Learn: Basic criminal, civil, and administrative investigative techniques, legal concepts and procedures, and fraud schemes commonly worked within the IG community. During this interactive program, you will conduct interviews, write investigative reports, and participate in mock presentations of a criminal case and an administrative hearing, while being mentored by an experienced IG field investigator. Participants may be eligible to earn CPEs up to 79 hours for successful completion of this program.

Core Topics

  • Introduction to the IG community and the IG Act
  • Criminal, civil, and administrative remedies
  • Common fraud schemes
  • Employee misconduct investigations
  • Employee rights & warnings
  • Interview techniques
  • Investigative writing
  • Inspector General subpoenas
  • Sworn statements
  • Administrative organizations & hearing practices

Comments from EIGI Graduates

"The best training I have ever attended...All instructors were highly knowledgeable and professional."

"Great training!  Content was well presented."

"All of the instructors were awesome!  Excellent job selecting instructors."

"Some of the best training I have ever been involved with."

"All of the courses were excellent."

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IG Investigator Training Program (IG-ITP)
Only available to CIGIE member agencies
Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Oct. 15 - Nov. 6, 2014 Glynco, GA $1,250 IG-ITP-1501
Feb. 18 - Mar. 12, 2015 Glynco, GA $1,250 IG-ITP-1502
Sept. 16 - Oct. 8, 2015 Glynco, GA $1,250 IG-ITP-1503

Who Should Attend: New federal IG criminal investigators, ideally within the first year of OIG employment and within 3-6 months of completing the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center's Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP). CITP or an equivalent basic criminal investigator training program is a prerequisite.

What You Will Learn: This accredited program will introduce new IG agents to the multitude of authorities, duties, responsibilities, and obligations that stem from the IG Act of 1978, as amended. You will "learn by doing" by participating in a variety of individual and group exercises, designed to provide IG-specific investigative training and enhance basic law enforcement skills.

Core Topics:

  • Introduction to the IG community and the IG Act
  • CIGIE Quality Standards for Investigations
  • Ethics
  • Investigative Planning
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • IG Subpoenas
  • Employee Rights and Obligations
  • Represented Parties
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Government Workplace Searches
  • Program Fraud Investigations
  • Contract Fraud Investigations
  • Grant Fraud Investigations
  • Civil and Administrative Remedies
  • Suspension and Debarment
  • Firearms training
  • Use of Force training and judgment drills
  • Defensive Tactics training and drills
  • Investigative writing
  • Sworn Statements
  • Case presentation
  • Search Warrant preparation and execution

Comments from IG-ITP Graduates:

"I have greatly improved my confidence in my knowledge, skills and abilities as an agent."

"Instructors were knowledgeable, professional and provided relevant and excellent instruction."

"Use of Force Scenarios/Tactics...and all classroom materials were directly applicable to daily IG requirements."

"IGCIA staff and facilitators have implemented an excellent program, which reinforces the skills required to be an OIG agent. I look forward to additional classes from the IG Academy."

"I think this program is set up perfectly for new OIG CIs with less than 1 year of experience...it has without question enhanced my skill and knowledge regarding interviewing, situational awareness and my knowledge of OIG purpose, mission and legislative authority."

"I highly encourage this course be taken as soon after basic CI as possible. I wish I would've had the opportunity to attend within the first six months because I encountered MANY of the issues covered in this course without the training I needed. If I had this training sooner, I would've felt much more confident in my early decisions."

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IG Transitional Training Program (TTP)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Jan. 27-30, 2015 Charleston, SC $500 TTP-1501
Aug. 18-21, 2015 Washington, DC $500 TTP-1502

Who Should Attend: Federal IG Criminal Investigators within their first year of employment in an Office of Inspector General (OIG), ideally within the first 3-6 months of OIG employment, who have successfully completed the FLETC's Criminal Investigator Training Program (CITP) or its federal law enforcement training equivalent (e.g., FBI or DEA Special Agent Basic Training), with at least 3 years federal criminal investigative experience, who have completed another federal agency-specific basic (follow-on) training program.

What You Will Learn: Essential IG-specific legal guidance and an introduction to the types of investigations typically worked within the IG community, as well as the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, and the primary authorities, duties, responsibilities, and obligations that stem from the Act. The TTP builds on your previous experience and utilizes case study methodology to impart knowledge that will aid your transition to IG investigations.

Core Topics:

  • Introduction to the IG Community
  • The IG Act of 1978, as amended
  • CIGIE Quality Standards for Investigations
  • Employee Rights and Obligations
  • Civil and Administrative Remedies
  • Government Workplace Searches
  • IG Subpoenas
  • Represented Parties
  • Program Fraud
  • Grant Fraud
  • Contract Fraud
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Suspension and Debarment
  • Obtaining and Using Evidence from Social Networking Sites
  • Proactive Approaches to IG Investigations
  • Current Trends in IG Investigations and IG Case Studies
  • Agent Liability

Comments from IG-TTP Graduates:

"...was very informative and has motivated me in my IG career transition."

"Case studies were fantastic! That was a great way to reinforce everything that was learned throughout the week."

"This course was extremely beneficial to me as a new member to the IG community.  The program was well organized & presented.  Thank you for the great experience!"

"Being new to IG community, I had little knowledge of employee investigations & their rights. Now, I feel very comfortable in working an employee investigation."

"All topics were spot on and they will be beneficial in the performance of my job."

"This was possibly the best training class I ever attended.  Excellent program!"

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Hotline Operator Training Program (HOTP)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Apr. 7-10, 2015 Charleston, SC $500 HOTP-1501

Who Should Attend: Federal, state/local and military hotline operators, and others responsible for responding to electronic or telephonic hotline complaints.

What You Will Learn: The basic skills and techniques needed to accurately collect critical information via telephonic interviews and electronic correspondence. Learn the appropriate documentation, procedures and legal requirements necessary to ensure the integrity of information that could lead to further investigation. Increase your ability to effectively elicit accurate data from each hotline interaction, during realistic scenarios facilitated by experienced practitioners, who provide feedback to each participant. HOTP will provide you with tools and resources to assist in recognizing and appropriately handling workplace stress, referrals to other hotlines, nuisance callers, and callers that are hostile, threatening, or appear mentally challenged.

Core Topics:

  • Introduction to the IG Community & the IG Act
  • Employee Complaints and Confidentiality
  • Whistleblower Protection Act
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Investigative Writing
  • Best Hotline Practices Forum
  • Complainant Behavioral Issues
  • Stress Management

Comments from IG-HOTP Graduates:

"Very informative - I learned a lot about the IG community & hotline processes."

"Great for new and seasoned operators."

"Learned new phrases and techniques to use with difficult callers."

"Instructors were knowledgeable and very friendly/open."

"Was an excellent experience."

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IG Interviewing for Fraud Auditors; Inspectors and Evaluators (IG-IFA)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Nov. 4-6, 2014 Washington DC $550 IG-IFA-1501
Feb. 3-5, 2015 Phoenix, AZ $550 IG-IFA-1502
Mar. 3-5, 2015 Baltimore, MD $550 IG-IFA-1503
June 8-10, 2015 Chicago, IL $550 IG-IFA-1504
Sept. 15-17, 2015 Charleston, SC $550 IG-IFA-1505

Who Should Attend: Federal, state/local and military IG auditors, analysts, evaluators, fraud examiners and inspectors.

What You Will Learn: How to conduct more effective interviews, and obtain information that can assist in detecting and deterring fraud. You will learn to assess verbal and non-verbal behavior and become more effective at obtaining information in person, as well as via telephonic interviews and electronic means. Instruction will cover non-confrontational interview techniques, fraud indicators, methods to assess fraud vulnerability, common fraud schemes, and how to elicit potential fraud leads. Participants may earn up to 24 CPEs for successful completion of this program.

Core Topics:

  • Interpretation of Physical and Verbal Behaviors
  • Establishing Credibility
  • Selective Interview Techniques
  • Questioning to Elicit Truth
  • Handling Denials
  • Telephonic Interviewing
  • Audit Interviews in a Group Setting
  • Fraud Indicators, Schemes and Detection

Comments from IG-IFA Graduates:

"This is an awesome training for any professional who conducts interviews to solicit information.  I can take what I learned here and apply immediately to my daily audit activities.  Highly recommended for all auditors."

"I would definitely recommend this training to peers.  The training was relevant and the instructors were engaging."

"My interviewing skills have been improved greatly."

"I was impressed by all the classroom activities used by both instructors. I especially appreciated Tom Caulfield's teaching style.  He understood the auditor's role and tailored the content to suit our role."

"Instructors are excellent speakers.  Continue to bring speakers that have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the subject matter.  This is the only CIGIE training I have taken and it surpasses The Graduate School courses."

"Instructors were passionate about their topics, excellent training information that was clear and accessible, and the classroom allowed for maximum participation."

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Undercover Investigations Training Program (UCITP)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Jan. 26 - Feb 5, 2015 Orlando, FL $1,500 UCITP-1501
Sept. 14-24, 2015 Richmond, VA $1,500 UCITP-1502

Who Should Attend: Federal Criminal Investigators with minimal or no experience as an undercover agent.

What You Will Learn: During numerous interactive training exercises, you will gain competence and confidence acting in an undercover (UC) capacity, and learn the basic skills and knowledge required to safely conduct short-term UC operations. Training scenarios are tailored to the types of UC investigations commonly worked within the Federal Inspector General community.

Core Topics:

  • Legal Issues in UC Investigations
  • Aliases, Cover Stories and Backstopping in a Digital World
  • Surveillance
  • Covert Technical Equipment
  • Street Theater
  • Elicitation and Counter-Elicitation Techniques
  • Managing and Using Informants
  • Planning UC Operations
  • UC Agent Safety and Survival
  • Tactical Use of Force for UC Agents
  • Extraction
  • Stress Management for UC Agents
  • Buy-Bust Operations
  • Store-Front Operations
  • Case Documentation and Presentation
  • Financial Management
  • Courtroom Testimony and Suppression Hearing Issues

Comments from UCITP Graduates:

"This is the most well organized class I have attended in my entire career.  The information I have learned has given me the knowledge I need to be successful as a UC and managing/implementing Op Plans.  Thank you."

"I am excited about my job again after this course.  It was also a great legal refresher."

"Even if I don't do any UC work in the near future, I am so glad I took this course.  It helped develop my skill set for interviewing, rapport building and surveillance."

"Keep it up.  I enjoyed this training.  It was fun; I was challenged, and out of my comfort zone most of the time.  I would do it all over again."

"Couldn't have been better.  The instructors, facilitators and role players were fantastic.  By far the best training I have had."

"The training exercises made the class.  Great learning environment with the practical exercises - very well thought out and relevant.  Feedback by facilitators and role players was helpful."

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Advanced Interviewing for IG Investigators (AIIGI)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Apr. 13-16, 2015 Washington, DC $600 AIIGI-1501
June 1-4, 2015 Chicago, IL $600 AIIGI-1502
July 13-16, 2015 Seattle, WA $600 AIIGI-1503

Who Should Attend: Federal, state/local or military IG investigators, ideally those with some basic interview training and experience.

What You Will Learn: How to better elicit truthful information from witnesses, and truthful and complete admissions and confessions from suspects. Case studies will be used to illustrate proven techniques in conducting investigative interviews common to the IG community, with the opportunity to practice skills learned.

Core Topics

  • An Orientation to Advanced Law Enforcement Interview Techniques
  • Planning Law Enforcement Interviews
  • Rapport Development and Theme Presentations
  • Handling Denials and Countering Questions from the Interview Subject
  • Special Considerations for IG Investigations
  • Types of Interview Questions
  • Identifying and Analyzing Physical and Verbal Behaviors
  • Establishing and Maintaining Control of the Interview
  • Interviewing Laboratory & Case Studies

Comment from AIIGI Graduates

"I never imagined I could learn so much great information in such a short period of time."

"The course content was spot on! Great instructors. Excellent class."

"I think the non-confrontational approach will help me get incremental admissions that will be useful, even without getting a full confession."

"All of the instructors were excellent!  Really mean that. Excellent job relating course material to real life events and experiences which made it easier to not only remember, but retain long after class is over and we've returned home. Good Job!"

"This should be mandatory training for all IG investigators."

"All instructors were knowledgeable, entertaining, and informative."

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Contract & Grant Fraud Training (CGFTP)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Mar. 24-27, 2015 Washington, DC $500 CGFTP-1501
June 16-19, 2015 Chicago, IL $500 CGFTP-1502

Who Should Attend: IG professionals from all disciplines, including investigators, auditors, evaluators, inspectors, analysts, attorneys, contracting officers, and others who are engaged in the oversight or administration of government contracts and grants. The program will also benefit agency program personnel who award and administer contracts and grants.

What You Will Learn: The contract and grant processes, including governing laws and regulations, similarities and differences between grants and contracts, and the people involved in the processes. This program will focus on proactive efforts to prevent and detect fraud, "red flag" fraud indicators and schemes, effective coordination of remedies, and cooperation among various disciplines within the Inspector General community (audits, inspections & evaluations and Investigations). Experienced IG professionals, government contracting personnel, and DOJ attorneys will serve as instructors and provide actual case examples. Participants may be eligible to earn CPEs up to 26 hours for successful completion of this program.

Core Topics:

  • Funding sources, solicitation methods, contract types, and administrative internal controls.
  • Types of federal grants, requirements and regulations, grantee responsibilities, obligations and accountability.
  • Roles and responsibilities of program managers, contracting officers, COTRs, auditors, agency counsel, grant management specialists and others involved in the contracting and grant processes.
  • Roles and responsibilities of auditors, agency counsel, evaluators, inspectors, investigators, suspension and debarment authorities, and the Department of Justice.
  • Indicators of fraud, including conflict of interest, bribery and kickbacks, product and personnel substitution, cost mischarging, defective pricing, antitrust violations, set aside schemes, double billing, misappropriation of funds and money laundering.
  • GAO Yellow Book fraud standards

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Periodic Refresher Training Program (PRTP)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Nov. 4-6, 2014 Phoenix, AZ $500 PRTP-1501
May 12-14, 2015 Charleston, SC $500 PRTP-1502
Aug. 11-13, 2015 Norfolk, VA $500 PRTP-1503

Who Should Attend: IG investigators, investigations managers, OIG attorneys and others who support criminal, civil and administrative investigations. Program content is built upon the assumption that participants have a fundamental understanding of OIG investigative operations and related law and policy.

What You Will Learn: This 3-day IG-specific legal update is an advanced program that builds on the participants’ fundamental legal and investigative knowledge by updating and emphasizing new statutes, recent case law, IG community best practices, and DOJ policy changes. Case studies are utilized to illustrate key points. Instructors include practicing Assistant US Attorneys and Trial Attorneys from the Department of Justice, federal and state court judges, OIG counsels, and senior executives from the IG investigative community. PRTP was designed to satisfy the “periodic refresher training” requirements specified in the Attorney General Guidelines for OIGs with Statutory Law Enforcement Authority. Participants may earn CPEs up to 24 hours for successful completion of this program. Tuition cost is $500.

Core Topics:

  • Federal Criminal and Civil Legal Updates
  • Legal Issues in Law Enforcement Interviews (rights, warnings, obligations)
  • Trial Process - Evidence and Testimony
  • 4th Amendment Update
  • Investigator Liability
  • Electronic Law - Collecting Electronic Evidence
  • Civil False Claims Act and Qui Tam Actions
  • Parallel Proceedings
  • Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act
  • Administrative Personnel Actions
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Administrative Investigations from a Defense Perspective

Comments from PRTP Graduates:

"Facilities and instruction were great.  One of the best if not the best training I have attended in my 25+ years!"

"Exceeded my expectations...I initially thought it would be dry legal updates but found it to be dynamic & interesting."

"The instructors were very knowledgeable and passionate about their jobs - A wonderful array of diverse instructors with diverse experiences and knowledge made the class instruction interesting and informative."

"Of my 19 years of law enforcement experience & hundreds of grueling legal refresher classes from several agencies, this was the best, most engaging & most informative training I have ever received."

"This course lives up to its title as a refresher training. I was reminded of many things I knew but that I need to better emphasize in my daily work. Very credible, knowledgeable and capable instructors."

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Public Corruption Investigations Training Program (PCITP)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Apr. 14-17, 2015 Seattle, WA $700 PCITP-1501
July 14-17, 2015 Washington, DC $700 PCITP-1502

Who Should Attend: Federal, state/local and military IG investigators, as well as OIG counsel and others who support public corruption investigations.

What You Will Learn: The fundamentals, techniques, legal issues, and best practices of working several types of internal and public corruption investigations, via case studies and the discussion of lessons learned. Experienced criminal investigators, Department of Justice trial attorneys, an accomplished defense attorney, a published university professor, Office of Government Ethics (OGE) personnel, and senior executives from the IG community share their expertise and provide instruction. Completion of this program satisfies your annual ethics training requirement.

Core Topics:

  • Ethical Culture and Ethical Collapse
  • Public Corruption Statutes & Prosecuting Public Corruption
  • Investigative Tools - Use of Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Office of Government Ethics Investigative Tools
  • Workplace Searches
  • Employee Rights and Warnings
  • Administrative Remedies
  • Defense Perspective of Public Corruption Investigations
  • Public Corruption Indicators
  • Source Development
  • Public Corruption Case Studies

Comments from PCITP Graduates:

"I really benefitted from this course and I look forward to using my skills in the future...this was excellent training!"

"All of the instructors were wonderful!  They were all engaging and made the class fun (and the material fun)."

"Case study was an excellent example of learning through a real life case that was highly effective."

"Presentation on Ethical Collapse was, without question, the best ethics training I've ever had."

"Information & instruction in each segment will serve to keep my efforts focused as I move my cases forward."

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Undercover Operations for OIG Managers Seminar (UCOM)

Dates Location Tuition Class Number
Aug. 18-19, 2015 Chicago, IL $400 UCOM-1501

Who Should Attend: Those who manage IG investigations. Perfect for supervisors who lack training or experience in undercover operations.

What You Will Learn: How to effectively assess and safely manage undercover operations and investigations. Participants will have opportunities to solve problems in a collaborative environment with their peers, and will enhance their management skill set.

Core Topics:

  • Attorney General and CIGIE Guidelines on Undercover (UC) Operations
  • UC Legal Issues
  • Handling Informants
  • Backstopping in a Digital World
  • UC Operational Planning
  • Technical Equipment
  • Stress Management
  • Storefront Operations
  • Financial Management

Comments from UCOM Graduates:

"Excellent instructors with vast subject matter expertise."

"I'm going to recommend that all of our SACs attend this training at next opportunity."

"UC Ops in-class exercises were excellent."

"Since I am new to the IG community, this was very informative and will definitely be of use in my new position."

"Instruction was outstanding and relevant."

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