IGEA Exemption to the Paperwork Reduction Act

GAO Resource Documents
  1. Choosing a Survey Administration Method
  2. Content Analysis: Principles and Practices
  3. Developing and Writing Structured Survey Questions
  4. Non-Generalizable Sampling
  5. Pretesting Surveys
  6. Probability Sampling
  7. Structured Interviews: Basic Principles
  8. Addressing Nonresponse and Nonresponse Bias Issues in Surveys
  9. Calculating and Reporting Survey Response Rates
  10. Conducting Questionnaire Surveys
  11. Content Analysis: A Methodology for Structuring and Analyzing Written Material
  12. Developing and Using Questionnaires
  13. Update Notes to: Developing and Using Questionnaires
  14. Questionnaire Pretest Procedures
  15. Reporting on Questionnaire Surveys in GAO Reports, OSM Sections, and E-Supplements
  16. Selecting a Sample of Nongeneralizable Cases for Review in GAO Engagements
  17. Structured Interviewing Guidance for Interviewers
  18. Survey Guidance: Letters, E-Mail Messages, and Introductions for Mail and Electronic Questionnaires
  19. Using Probability, Nonprobability, and Certainty Samples
  20. Using Structured Interviewing Techniques
  21. Update Notes to: Using Structured Interviewing Techniques
  22. A Guide to Using the Right Staff at the Right Time for GAO Surveys
  23. Checklists for Questionnaire Designers and Reviewers
  24. Developing and Using Word Electronic Questionnaires at GAO
  25. Good Practices Guide for Web Questionnaires
  26. Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) Surveys: Guide to Estimating Duration and Personnel Needs by Task
  27. Mail Surveys: Guide to Estimating Duration and Personnel Needs by Task
  28. Survey Nonresponse Planning and Bias Assessment
  29. Using Fillable PDF Forms as a Data Collection Method