Federal Audit Executive Council

Chair - Ms. Deborah Harker, AIG for Audit, Department of the Treasury OIG

Vice Chair - Mr. Bruce Miller, The Auditor General, U.S. Army Audit Agency

Scope of Responsibilities:
The scope and activities of the FAEC include but are not limited to coordinating joint audit projects; providing input on policies related to Federal Government audits; and coordinating with the Government Accountability Office, Office of Management and Budget, and others on matters affecting audit policy.

Council membership is voluntary and consists of all Deputy or Assistant Inspectors General for Audit(ing) (DIGA/AIGA) or equivalent from Federal Inspectors General identified in Section 2 or Section 8G of the IG Act; the Director, Defense Contract Audit Agency; Auditors General of the military services; and related organizations as identified in the CIGIE Charter.

Standing Committees:
Cross-Cutting, Financial Statements (FSAN), Information Technology, Training, Contracting, Annual Conference, and Quality Management

Charter: FAEC Charter

Bi-Monthly Meetings

 Meeting minutes/presentations will be added to these once received.

Annual Conferences

Annual Conference Committee


Role of the Committee:

  • To plan the annual conference including conference topics, obtaining speakers, and venue

Meeting Schedule:

  • Bi-weekly


Cross Cutting Issues Committee

FY 24 Leadership:

  • Co-Chair, Eric Rivera, Assistant Inspector General for Audits, Office of the Inspector General, Export-Import Bank of the United States
  • eric.rivera@exim.gov
  • Co-Chair, Katherine Trimble, Assistant Inspector General for Audits, Office of the Inspector General, United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Trimble.Katherine@epa.gov

Mission: CIGIE’s Audit Committee Charter states in part that “The Audit Committee will lead or be involved in coordinated, government-wide activities that promote economy and efficiency in Federal programs and operations and address areas of weakness and vulnerability with respect to fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement.” The Cross Cutting Committee mission is to achieve this goal on behalf of the Audit Committee.

Meeting Schedule: Biweekly or as needed; reports regularly to the FAEC

Output: The committee intends to fulfill its mission by identifying, assessing, and providing information about audit work conducted across the OIG community; “how to” guides for conducting certain types of audits; and potentially initiating new work across offices of audit, evaluation, and investigation. The committee was initiated in 2023 and plans to issue its first products, on the topic of cloud security, in the summer or fall of 2024.

Membership: To date, volunteer members are solicited by project and come from audit offices across the CIGIE community. Please contact us if you would like to join the committee and/or have ideas for future projects!

Financial Statements Committee


  • Chair, Kelly McFadden, Director, Financial Statement Audit Office, DOJ OIG
  • Contact Kelly.a.mcfadden@usdoj.gov to request membership.

Role of the Committee:

  • The Financial Statement Committee, also known as the Financial Statement Audit Network (FSAN), provides the CIGIE audit community with a forum to identify, discuss, and resolve key issues concerning the preparation and audit of federal financial statements.

Meeting Schedule:

  • The FSAN meets virtually at 9:00 am EST on the third Tuesday of each month.  FSAN does not meet during November, December, or January.  Designated key contacts from GAO and FASAB participate and share information during our monthly meetings.


  • Each Spring, FSAN partners with GAO to host the annual CIGIE/GAO Financial Statement Audit Conference.  Information about past or upcoming conferences can be found at https://www.ignet.gov/content/events


  • FSAN members have opportunities to volunteer for working groups.  Past working group examples include:
    • Leading the review and collection of members’ comment on requirements and guidance that impacts federal financial statements (e.g., OMB’s Audit Bulletin and Circular A-136, Treasury’s TFM Bulletin 2-4700, and the GAO/CIGIE Financial Statement Audit Manual).
    • Planning the annual CIGIE/GAO Financial Statement Audit Conference.
    • Designing and conducting member surveys.
    • Updating tools and checklists for FSAN members’ oversight of IPAs.
    • Developing statement of work templates for use when contracting with an IPA.

Information Technology Committee


  • Chair, Khalid Hasan, Assistant Inspector General for Information Technology, Office of Inspector General for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • If a member would like to join the committee (Khalid.A.Hasan@frb.gov; 202-568-9444)

Role of the Committee:

  • The FAEC’s IT Committee discusses and coordinates on information technology (IT) issues affecting the IG community, with a focus on cybersecurity.

Meeting Schedule:

  • Quarterly


Contracting Committee


  • Co-Chair, Eric Atkinson, Deputy Director, Contract & Grant Division, DOI OIG
  • Co-Chair, Shenika Cox, Regional Audit Manager, DOJ OIG
  • For inquiries from the field or to join the committee, email Shenika or Eric at shenika.cox@usdoj.gov or eric_atkinson@doioig.gov

Role of the Committee:

  • To identify, discuss, and develop resolutions to contracting and procurement issues affecting the Federal audit community. Emphasis will be on audit processes related to the GAO Yellow Book, Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and the GAO Green Book on Internal Controls over reducing the risk that the FAR won't be followed.

Meeting Schedule:

  • Quarterly (Q1 date TBD; Q2 date TBD; Q3 date TBD; Q4 (Annual Conference date TBD)

FAEC Procurement Conferences:


Quality Management Committee

Training Committee


Role of the Committee:

  • CIGIE’s Audit Committee Charter states in part that “The Audit Committee will lead or be involved in developing policies that will aid in the maintenance or a corps of well-trained and highly skilled Inspector General personnel.” The Training Committee’s role is to achieve this goal on behalf of the Audit Committee through collaborative efforts.

Meeting Schedule:  Monthly; reports regularly to the FAEC


Working Groups

Payment Integrity Working Group


  • Chair, Judith Oliveira, Audit Director at the Social Security Administration’s Office of the Inspector General (SSA OIG)
  • Email:  Judith.Oliveira@ssa.gov
  • Cell Phone:  617-840-3795

Role of the Working Group:

  • The current role is to
  1. update the CIGIE guide for the annual OIG compliance review that is required under the Payment Integrity Information Act of 2019 (PIIA);
  2. liaison, as needed, with the Office of Management and Budget on issues related to PIIA; and
  3. answer questions, as needed, related to improper payment issues from the CIGIE community. 

Meeting Schedule:  As needed; no regular schedule. 


The CIGIE guide for the annual PIIA compliance review can be found under Compliance Guides at https://www.ignet.gov/content/manuals-guides

  • The specific link for the FY 2024 guide is here
  • The specific link for the FY 2024 checklist is here

General information on improper payments can be found at https://www.paymentaccuracy.gov/


There are many resources available on each of the FAEC standing committee pages. We have not duplicated these resources in this Resource section.

FAEC Membership and Networking

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2017 Annual Conference, September 25-26, 2017
2014 Annual Conference, September 3rd & 4th

2013 Annual Conference, September 24, 26, and 27

Free to registrants, no prerequisites, <14.5 CPEs.


CPE Certification forms:

CPE Certification form (September 24th, 2013)
CPE Certification form (September 26th, 2013)
CPE Certification form (September 27th, 2013)

FAEC Procurement Conference, April 17, 2012