Federal Audit Executive Council

About the FAEC

To discuss and coordinate issues affecting the Federal audit community with special emphasis on audit policy and operations of common interest to Federal Audit Executive Council (FAEC) members

Charter: FAEC Charter
Reissued and attested by Michael R. Phillips, Chair 11/09/09, to amend the membership language to include related organizations identified in the CIGIE Charter.

Contact Us:

  • Chair - Dr. Brett Baker, AIG for Audit, NRC
  • Vice Chair - TBA

FAEC Standing Committees:

Audit Policy and Procedures

  • Chair, Richard Eyermann, DAIGA, EPA OIG

Financial Statements

  • Chair, Mark Hayes, DAIGA, DoJ OIG

Information Technology

  • Co-Chair, Peter Sheridan, AIG, FRB OIG
  • Co-Chair, Khalid Hasan, Senior OIG Manager, FRB OIG


  • Co-Chair, David Reynolds, Supervisory Auditor, DoI OIG
  • Co-Chair, Eric Atkinson, Auditor, DoI OIG
  • Co-Chair, Shenika Cox, Assistant Regional Audit Manager, DoJ OIG

DATA Act Working Group

  • Governance – Dr. Brett M. Baker, AIGA, NRC OIG and FAEC Chair
  • Governance – Deborah Harker, AIGA, Treasury OIG
  • Chair – Pauletta Battle, DAIGA, Treasury OIG

Annual Conference

  • Jewel Butler, AIGA, NARA OIG
  • Kimberly Boykin, Audit Manager, NARA OIG
  • Lissette Mercado, IT Audit Advisor, DoT OIG

Quality Assurance Working Group

  • Chair, Devin Polster, Director of Audits and Inspections Quality Assurance, DHS OIG
  • QAWG Charter

Bi-Monthly Meetings

Annual Conferences

2017 Annual Conference, September 25-26, 2017
2014 Annual Conference, September 3rd & 4th

2013 Annual Conference, September 24, 26, and 27

Free to registrants, no prerequisites, <14.5 CPEs.


CPE Certification forms:

CPE Certification form (September 24th, 2013)
CPE Certification form (September 26th, 2013)
CPE Certification form (September 27th, 2013)

FAEC Procurement Conferences

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