2021 CIGIE / GAO Financial Statement Audit Conference

2021 CIGIE / GAO Financial Statement Audit Conference

SAVE THE DATE! - May 17-18, 2021 (12:00 pm to 4:00 pm each day)

Virtual Delivery using Zoom Government Webinar

Conference Information

CIGIE’s account with Zoom Government meets Federal IT security requirements.  You may have to use a personal computer if your organization does not permit accessing Zoom on government-issued computers.  Accessing Zoom through the app works much better than the web browser given functional differences between the two access methods.
Test your connection to Zoom by clicking this link https://zoom.us/test  BEFORE the conference. Use the same computer that you will use during the conference to ensure proper connectivity. 
If you are experiencing issues connecting to Zoom:

Switch web browsers.  For example, if you are using Google Chrome switch to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge.
Disconnect from your organization’s network or VPN if using a government computer.
Cut and paste the Zoom meeting link into your browser instead of clicking on the link.
If you experience difficulties the days of the conference, please contact your office’s IT help desk or a Zoom Government Representative at 833-966-6468. 
Conference Materials
Session slides and speaker bios are available on the conference webpage. https://www.ignet.gov/content/events
As the conference dates approach, check the webpage for the latest information and materials.
Special Needs
If you need accommodation for special needs, please contact Sony Brown at sony.brown@oig.usda.gov as soon as you register.
Conference Bios and Slides (Note: Will be provided when received.)


Speaker Bios and Slides

  • Allison C. Lerner - Bio
  • Larry Malenich - Bio
  • Fatimoh Ajadi - Bio
  • Kawan Taylor - Bio
  • Thomas Chin - Bio
  • Marlon D. Perry - Bio
  • Pauletta Battle - Bio
  • Mark Hayes - Bio
  • Carol Johnson - Bio
  • Asif Khan - Bio
  • Dawn Simpson - Bio
  • Jaime Saling - Bio
  • Joshua Marcus - Bio
  • Michael Bingham - Bio
  • Perry, Jr, Burju Cobb, Robert F. Dacey, April Pratt - Bio
  • Dr. Brett Baker - Bio
  • Eveka Rodriguez - Bio
  • Andrew Lewis - Bio
  • William J. Kubistal - Bio
  • Mia M. Forgy - Bio

GAO Guidance Update (PowerPoint)

Hear Me on the Other Side: From Being an Auditor to Auditee (PowerPoint)

DATA Act Presentation (PowerPoint)

Preparation and Audit of the CFS [Audit](PDF)

Preparation and Audit of the CFS [Preparation](PowerPoint)

Audit Implications of Statement 54 (PowerPoint)

System and Organization Controls (SOC) Reports and FEDRAMP (PDF)