Report Waste, Fraud
Abuse, Or Retaliation
Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

Acting Deputy Inspector General

The Government Publishing Office (GPO) is seeking an individual in the OIG community to work on a reimbursable 90 - 120 day detail beginning June 17, 2019 (which could be extended for an additional 90-120 days upon mutual agreement) to serve as Acting Deputy Inspector General (DIG), until the recruitment and appointment of a new, permanent Deputy Inspector General is completed. The position is graded as a PG-15 (equivalent grade as GS-15).

The Acting DIG would share with the GPO Inspector General - Mike Leary - the responsibility to monitor and manage operations of the office, to include (a) directing workload, (b) coordinating overall policy, plans, requirements, direction, and priorities; (c) managing the administrative functions of the office, to include budget and personnel; and, (d) as needed performing the full range of responsibilities of a supervisory Assistant IG. The GPO IG office is a small office consisting of approximately 24 FTE positions and contractor support.

Applicants must be a current career federal or legislative branch civilian employee (PG/GS-14 or PG/GS-15). The Qualifications and Duties are listed below:


  1. Experience in supervising OIG investigations, audits, program evaluations and inspections in a federal Office of Inspector General.
  2. Experience in overseeing evaluations and audits of federal information security and privacy programs, federal contracting, audits of other federal programs and activities, and federal financial statement audits.
  3. Experience in actively participating in the day-to-day activities of OIG investigations, audits, and program evaluations and inspections, including regular engagement with management on its efforts to implement open OIG recommendations.
  4. Experience in managing a small or medium-sized federal OIG, including congressional reporting, budget, personnel, and associated administrative duties.


Information about GPO can be found on its website at Further information about the GPO Office of Inspector General can be found at inspector-general.

The Inspector General oversees multi-disciplinary staff and support contractors that conduct:

  • performance audits that address the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of the GPO’s programs, activities, and functions; provide information to responsible parties to improve public accountability; facilitate oversight and decision making; and initiate corrective actions;
  • financial audits that provide an independent assessment of whether agency financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;
  • evaluations and inspections, which are systematic and independent assessments of the design, implementation, and/or results of the GPO’s operations, programs, or policies;
  • investigations based on alleged or suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or gross mismanagement; employee or contractor misconduct; or criminal and civil violations of law that affect the GPO’s programs and operations; and also issue
  • management advisories that enable the OIG to expeditiously report findings of systemic weaknesses or vulnerabilities identified in the course of an audit, investigation or other OIG activity.

The GPO OIG main offices are located at 732 N. Capitol Street NW, Washington, D.C.

Persons interested in applying for the Acting Deputy Inspector General position should forward their resume and an SF-50 showing career status by Friday, June 7, 2019 to both:

  • Anthony (Tony) Febbo, Counsel to the IG, Government Publishing Office, and
  • Tina Jones, Executive Staff Assistant, Government Publishing Office at

If you have any questions about to the position itself, please feel free to contact Tony Febbo 202-322-0318.

Closing Date: 
Friday, June 7, 2019
Government Publishing Office
Career Office: 
Inspector General