Training Programs

We help develop the character and leadership abilities of those who protect our nation's taxpayers from fraud, waste, and abuse.

The inspector general (IG) community needs extraordinary leaders to respond to today's challenges. The Inspector General Leadership & Mission Support Academy (L&MS) provides IG offices with specific leadership development programs relevant to those challenges.

The academy's programs offer training in the strategic and practical leadership tools needed to help participants:

  • Think strategically.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Inspire those they lead.
  • Lead by example, demonstrating the character and values of the IG community

What Sets L&MS Programs Apart

IG Focus – The only leadership programs designed for and dedicated to the IG community. The case studies, exercises, and curricula address the unique challenges facing IG leaders.

Peer-to-Peer Learning – The programs take place at American University in the heart of Washington D.C., and in Gettysburg, PA. Learning at these sites provides a rare opportunity to get to know, work with, and learn from peers in other IG offices.

Renowned Faculty – Participants learn from some of the finest professors at American University and true experts in the field. Faculty members include Patrick J. Malone, PhD. (director of Key Executive Leadership programs) and other faculty provide direct access to cutting-edge research and scholarship in leadership.

Background: CIGIE Training Institute Six-Dimension Leadership Model

The role of leaders in government oversight has never been more vital. Strong, focused leaders are critical to accomplishing our congressionally mandated mission of improving government by reducing fraud, waste, and abuse of taxpayers’ dollars. The L&MS programs develop and hone participants’ abilities by focusing on six core dimensions proven to be critical to shaping leaders.