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No-Show Policy

If a registered participant does not show up for a training program but the participant or the training officer contacts us with a legitimate excuse, we would not bill the OIG and the participant would be put on the roster for the next iteration if space is available.

If a registered participant fails to show up for a training program and neither the participant nor the training officer contacts us, then the OIG would be billed. The participant could register again for a later iteration but would have to pay again. 


The CIGIE Training Institute (TI) accepts registrations from CIGIE members (up to three students per agency in each class) on a first-come, first-served basis, with a sixty (60) day registration deadline. The CIGIE Registrar will waitlist students beyond the first three submitted from each agency, as well as students from non-CIGIE member agencies. Once the registration deadline has passed, all waitlisted students will be automatically registered, and registrations will be accepted from agencies with more than three students, as well as from non-CIGIE member agencies, on a first-come, first-served basis, until class capacity is reached.

Class locations are subject to change. You will be informed of the class location in a reporting instructions e-mail that you will receive 30 days prior to the start of the class. Private citizens are not eligible to attend CIGIE TI programs.

CIGIE TI Registration Form: Student Registration Form

Roxsand Devese
Phone: (202) 292-2585


If your agency does not have an established interagency agreement with the CIGIE TI, send financial paperwork such as SF-182 purchase order, or the form below to, or call (912) 267-2871.

CIGIE TI Payment Form: Student Payment Form

We accept payment in the form of:

  • Interagency Agreements (IPAC)
  • Purchase Orders
  • Standard Form 182 (SF-182)
  • Government Credit Card
  • Personal Credit Card

Sue Wainright
Phone: (912) 267-2871