The 5th Annual Inspectors General Leadership Forum

The 5th Annual Inspectors General Leadership Forum

"Innovation, Collaboration, and Culture"

October 22, 2018
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Alexandria, VA



Opening and Welcome Remarks

Opening and Welcome Remarks: Allison Lerner, Inspector General, NSF, and Vice-Chair, CIGIE (17:15)

Leadership Talks

CIGIE’s Fifth Annual Inspectors General Leadership Forum featured several Leadership Talks centered around the theme of “Innovation, Collaboration, and Culture.” Similar to TED Talks and delivered from a wide variety of OIG leaders, these talks are highly informative and entertaining as the speakers share their expertise on issues affecting the OIG community.

Creativity, Innovation, and Thinking Like an Artist: Robert Westbrooks, Inspector General, PBGC, and Chair, CIGIE’s Professional Development Committee (13:10) (Slides)
Expanding Your OIG’s “Why”: Danielle Tesch, Social Scientist, EPA OIG (12:18) (Slides)
The Truth About Climate Change: The Honorable Michael Missal, Inspector General, VA, and Vice-Chair, CIGIE’s Information Technology Committee (17:30) (Slides)
Big Picture Organizational Change: April Stephenson, Acting Inspector General, DOE (13:55)
Appreciative Leadership - A Perspective on the Future of Leadership: LaSharn Barnes, Supervisory Auditor, DIA OIG (12:01) (Slides)
How Might We Design Curious Leaders and Cultivate Cultures to Drive Innovative Results?: Brian Sano, Director, Organizational Health, State OIG (22:02) (Slides)
Communicating Beyond Words: Stephanie Logan, Public Affairs Specialist, DOJ OIG (13:22) (Slides)
Leveraging the Power of People, Data, and Tools to Have Even More Impact: Caryl Brzymialkiewicz, Chief Data Officer, HHS OIG (21:07) (Slides)
Fraud Prevention: Are We Doing It Right?: Ken Dieffenbach, Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge, DOJ OIG (15:11) (Slides)
Don’t Isolate, Collaborate; Partnership Building at NSF OIG: Mark Bell, Assistant IG for Audits, NSF OIG (12:03) (Slides)
Using Surveys to Drive Organizational Change: The Honorable Hannibal “Mike” Ware, Inspector General, SBA (14:41) (Slides)

Inspector General Panel Discussion

Tying It All Together (53:54)

Melinda Miguel
Inspector General, Government Publishing Office

The Honorable Calvin L. Scovel, III
Inspector General, Department of Transportation

Milton Mayo
Inspector General, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Honorable Ann Calvaresi Barr
Inspector General, U.S. Agency for International Development