Report Waste, Fraud
Abuse, Or Retaliation
Report Waste Fraud, Abuse, Or Retaliation

The Leadership and Mission Support Academy (L&MS) serves both the IG specific training needs of the Mission Support personnel within the IG community, but also the IG specific leadership development needs of all OIG personnel.  The mission of the L&MS Academy is to cross business unit lines to promote a CIGIE-wide commitment for professional development and to enhance the professional identity within all OIG disciplines and support elements.

Training Programs


Course Title CPEs
Emerging Leader Program 27
New Leader Program 66
Experienced Leader Program 85.5
  • For students who have taken New Leader and therefore aren't required to attend the first 3 days of Experienced Leader
Managing Up: Skills for the Courageous Follower CANCELLED for FY 20 16
Leadership Exploration and Development CANCELLED for FY 20 16
Congressional Update CANCELLED for FY 20 7
Understanding and Working with Congress CANCELLED for FY 20 15
Effective Communications Course CANCELLED for FY 20 21
Principles of Appropriations Law CANCELLED for FY 20 17